When is the application deadline for the next batch?

Applications for the second batch must be submitted by February 2021.

How long does a batch last?

Our startup program is a 8-month incubation program starting the second batch in April 2021.

What does equity-free investment mean?

It means we provide funding but do not take any equity in exchange.

How do I apply to the program?

Project proposals can be submitted via the F6S platform. Apply here.

Can I apply without a concrete idea?

No idea? Lucky you: visit our Ideation Workshop in October 2020. We will offer support on the ideation process to solve real problems of the city of Berlin. Contact us to be part of it.

Can I apply if I do not have a Co-Founder?

Yes. Teams have to be from 1-3 founders. However if you don’t have a founding team and would like to get to know possible co-founders, you can join our Founder Matching Day in October 2020 and find like-minded people. Contact us to be part of it.

Who is behind the incubator program?

The Future City Incubator (FCI) is run by Berlin Innovation Agency - an independent innovation and entrepreneurship agency. The FCI program is funded by European Social Fund (ESF) and the State of Berlin and is part of the Berliner Startup Stipendium initiative.

Can I apply if I have already received an investment or scholarship?

The founders - and their startups must not have received any other startup grant (such as BSS or EXIST) or any kind of investment.

Can I apply if I have already founded the company?

If the company has already been founded, then it has to be max. 3 months old (from business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung) date) and it has to be registered in Berlin. (It is also possible to found the company within the program’s duration).

Do I need to stay in Berlin and work on this full-time?

Founders must be registered in Berlin from the moment the program starts. The program is an 8-month full-time program. In addition the startup commits to stay in the city of Berlin for the next 3 years.

Can I apply if I am not German?

Yes, the program is open to all nationalities. For the beginning of the program you have to be registered in Berlin, Germany.

Can I work for a second project or work simultaneously?

The program is full time - and therefore you will receive a scholarship. Anyways you are allowed to work up to 5 hours per week on other things.

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